Disadvantages of using band-aids

Image of a person with a band-aid on their knee

Some issues related to bad aids are as follows:-

  • Moisture is trapped under the adhesive material of the bandage and your skin gets wrinkly
  • Gauze part of the bandages absorb water and stay wet, germs might grow at these wet places
  • Band-aid gets dirty after a few days
  • Band-aids can come off from the wound
  • It is difficult to apply bandages to all parts of the body, they make you feel uncomfortable and hinders the normal movement as well
  • During exercise, swimming or even in hot weather regular band-aids don’t stay on

Advantages of using a Wound Spray

  • Wound spray is easy to use and carry
  • The layer formed by wound spray is clean and water proof
  • It helps in keeping the wound germ-free
  • The layer formed by the spray has microspores, this allows air to pass through thus helping in the healing  process
  • Least chances of getting the wound contaminated
  • Kids remove bandages out of curiosity or it can come off, no such problem  with wound spray
  • The spray can be applied to any shape of the injury, including hard to reach places
  • Need not worry about removing the film of the spray since it doesn’t pain
  • It is skin-friendly
  • Doesn’t stain the clothes
  • No embarrassment in social life since it is virtually transparent
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