Image of hands holding medicines

Our Inception

Accessibility and affordability of medicines is a key factor when it comes to cancer treatment and these are the precise reasons why Das Oncocare was born – to make the latest cancer drugs and medicines accessible and affordable.

With an oncology practice spanning more than a decade and witnessing cancer patients struggle against the dreaded disease the seed for the formation of Das Oncocare was sowed.

Based out of UK, Das Oncocare’s vision is to become a global player in oncology through innovation, back end integration for making products affordable, enhancing geographical reach for improving accessibility and consistently high quality of production. And as we would move forward in our journey we would like to venture into partnerships to bring newer drugs that help mankind fight this dreaded disease with greater confidence.

Beginning with the Dominican Republic and the Indian subcontinent, we plan to expand our reach globally in the most optimal time frame possible.

Our wide range of products are manufactured at WHO GMP certified facilities and adhere to stringent quality specifications. We are firm on our objective of reaching out to cancer patients worldwide with the highest quality standards we have set for ourselves.

At Das Oncocare, we use scientific innovation to address some of society’s most challenging healthcare issues. Our constant endeavour is to find new ways to deliver affordable therapies to as many people as possible.