Barriers to wound healing

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Following factors can slow down the process of wound healing: –

  • Dead skin and foreign materials hamper the healing process
  • An open wound may develop a bacterial infection. The body fights the infection rather than healing the wound
  • Persistent bleeding is a barrier to wound healing
  • The body needs proper nutrients to heal the wound, such as vitamin C, zinc and protein. If these are missing, then wound healing difficult
  • Medical conditions like diabetes, anemia, varicose veins and some other vascular diseases that restrict blood flow to the area, or any disorder that disturbs the immune system
  • In elderly people wounds tend to take longer to heal
  • Certain drugs or treatments used in the management of some medical conditions may interfere with the body’s healing process
  • Cigarette smoking hampers healing and increases the risk of complications
  • Wounds that are exposed to the air are less likely to heal. The various cells involved in healing, such as skin cells and immune cells, need a moist environment
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