Avoid injuries to your kids

Image of a child holding her injured hand

Watching kids play is fun! Kids liven up the surroundings and make us forget all the worries. But if we do not observe them properly and do not take precautions this excitement can quickly tun into sorrow.

Following precautionary steps can be taken at different places so that you can avoid injuries to your child.

  • Use a car seat, booster seat, or seat belt that’s right for your child’s size and age – on every trip
  • Teach your child to swim and closely watch your child in or near water
  • Keep medicines, vitamins, and cleaning products where your child can’t see or reach them
  • Use smoke alarms. Make and practice a fire escape plan for your home
  • Make sure your child wears the right safety gear (like a helmet or pads) when playing sports or doing other physical activity
  • Protect your baby during sleep. Keep soft objects (like pillows, blankets, crib bumpers, or toys) out of the crib. Always put babies to sleep on their back

Car safety of kids

  • Make sure your child always wears a seat belt.
  • The car seat of your child should be selected considering the age and size of the child
  • Install the seat properly
  • Never let your child travel in the seat next to the driver’s

Safety of kids in and near water

  • Never leave your kids alone in the bathroom or near to any water body
  • Teach your kids how to swim, always keep a close eye on them, also assign a personal trainer to teach them swimming
  • If there is a pool in your house, make sure it has a fence which children can’t pass

Things to keep out of reach of children

  • All type of medicines, cleaning supplies, bug sprays, rat poison, small batteries, etc.

When kids play

  • Use helmet and other safety gears for activities like cycling, skating
  • Check for soft landing spots while playing in the ground

Keep your baby safe during sleep

  • To avoid suffocation always make your baby sleep on his or her back
  • Surface where the baby sleeps should be firm and not soft
  • Keep bumpers like pillows , soft toys around the kid when they sleep, this is to avoid fall during sleep
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