When to visit a doctor in case of burn injury?

Image of hands of a doctor tending a burn wound

Burn injuries can be confusing to segment which makes it difficult for us in understanding when to seek the help of a doctor instead of treating the burn at home.

Please remember the following points, if you see any such condition as mention below please visit a doctor immediately.

  • If the face, hands or fingers, genitals, or feet are burnt
  • If the burn is on or near a joint (knee, shoulder, hip)
  • If a body part (arm, leg, foot, chest, finger) is encircled due to burn
  • If the burn is large (greater than 3 inches or 7.5 cm) or deep (any partial-thickness or full-thickness). It is best to see a health care provider if you have any doubt about whether the burn is large or deep
  • If the victim is young (less than five years) or older than 70 years
  • If there are signs of skin infection, such as increasing redness, pain, pus-like discharge.

Issued in public interest by Dolburn

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