What to do in case of a fire?

Image of a fireman putting out the fire in a house

It is always better to be ready for any emergency. One such situation is fire in your home which is an unfortunate event, but we never know when tragedy strikes. Remember the following points to be safe.

  • Prepare an escape plan beforehand, follow it during a fire
  • Stay low to the ground since it will be easier to breathe closer to the floor. (Major reason of death is the inhalation of poisonous gases than burns during a fire)
  • Crawl to the nearest exit
  • Keep hands on the wall to prevent disorientation
  • Touch closed doors by the back of your hand before moving out, if the door is hot do not open it fire might be around. If the door is cool open it and move safely
  • If you or your clothes catch on fire, “stop, drop and roll” your body on the ground
  • Never use elevators
  • Once away and clear from danger, call your fire department

Issued in public interest by Dolburn

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