Preventing injury at home

Image of a person holding their injured knee

Home is a place where we are least aware! May be because we know it better than anybody which might be the reason why we suffer from injuries at home.

Following are few tips to avoid injuries at home:

Avoid falls in the bathroom 

  • Non-slip bathmats in the shower help in avoid falls  
  • Installation of bath and shower grab bars at strategic locations help in safe movement
  • Spilled water should be wiped off immediately

Take care of stairs 

  • Do not keep any material that blocks the stairways
  • Handrails on both sides are a must
  • Make sure proper lighting is there over stairs and across the house
  • Install safety gates for babies and toddlers at both the entrance of the stairs

In the house

  • To make sure your child doesn’t slip between the posts you can put a guard on indoor lofts, landings, balconies, and stair banisters
  •  Put night lights so that moving around the house would be easy at night
  • Ensure that grills are installed on windows and balconies
  • Keep an eye on children around windows also keep furniture away from windows
  • Don’t allow children to play in the kitchen
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